The Alphabet Challenge “S” Stories voting has picked up a bit, which was nice to see. Interestingly, all the votes have come from the US. Frankly, I’m surprised the rest of the world is letting the US show them up like that. But, I suppose it’s still fairly early in the round and people from other countries may be more deliberate in their . . . er . . . deliberations.

If you are a reader of our stories and someone who votes, no matter your country of origin, thank you in advance for casting a vote for your favorite of the three despite all that’s probably occupying your mind. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge S-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link Votes will be accepted until noon on November 8th.

I suppose I owe a photo . . .

Open country, shrubs and big skySo, the Block Editor (ptui!) . . . First, let me say it’s a powerful editing tool . . . for them who have a need for it. Having used it for this past week or so, I . . .

Don’t worry, this isn’t about the Presidential Elections, COVID-19, the Economy, Social Unrest, or any of the major stuff hitting us from Left and Right.

No, those things are still happening and we are Royally Screwed. I could elaborate, but I think most people have lost the ability to rationally examine and discuss issues . . . let alone agree on the issues.

No, I’m referring to THIS<<link post that appeared on the WordPress Blog.

The post informs us that exciting changes are afoot!

What are the changes, you ask?