The Title Writing Prompt Challenge needs a title, and this is a quick reminder about voting for one of the ten offered. You can vote at THIS post, and as another quick reminder, the voting closes at Noon on Thursday (about a day and a half from whan this goes live).

OK . . . now, then, about writing.

I recently left a comment on a post of a blog I follow. It was — you guessed it — about writing. The process of formulating and composing my thought for the comment (which I do on the fly) had me think about my writing, something I’ve not really done much lately . . . thinking, not writing; I write practically every day, even if only to leave a comment here and there. So, what about my writing?

Well, let me tell you . . . but first . . . a photo. But, not just a photo; a photo about a ginger.

The cat at PlantScape, a garden and flower store.