All of these are from the last four months of posting so they might still be fresh in some people’s memories.

I’m fairly certain most of the non-regular readers don’t see the entirety of my posts. It’s evident that if they see them on Facebook, Twitter, or the WordPress Reader, all they’re responding to is whatever single photo is shown along with the first few lines of the post.

Although an arbitrary measure of time, the ending of each year brings out everyone’s desire to mark the occasion with a retrospective.

Who am I to buck the trend?

I mean, there will be another discussion about what constitutes a decade, but that’s a windmill for another post to tackle.

Also for another post, a look back to what some would call a fairly eventful year for Melisa and me.

This post is the first looking back at the year in photos. Specifically, photos posted on the blog. Be aware there are many 2019 photos that have yet to grace these virtual pages. In fact, I might be so bold as to say some of the better photos have yet to have eyes on them. Also, some of the photos posted in 2019 were taken in 2018, but were processed and shared in 2019.

Project 313 272

At the beginning of 2019, I was in the waning days of Project 313. I won’t post many of the photos here because they have dedicated posts (HERE and HERE) showcasing everything published related to that effort. Or, if you prefer, the Flickr Album HERE.