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Light and Dark Writing

I have many photos waiting for the light of blog. I have many opinions, too, about all sorts of things. Practically on an hourly basis, I read or see something that sparks me wanting to say (write) something.  Plus, you … Continue reading

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A little of this and a little of that

Have you ever had so much pent up inside that instead of producing a flood of content you end up being creatively constipated and produced next to nothing? No? . . . it must just be me, then, and when … Continue reading

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When someone wants to see if something is alive they often check for a heartbeat.  A blog’s heartbeat are blog posts  . . . so, just to let people know I’m still here, here is a single heartbeat. Hmm . … Continue reading

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2015 Review – Writing

Warning – this post is all about writing. Thoughts ideas, samples, tutorials, flash pieces, short stories, and even my novel. If you came here looking for photos, here are a few: These are the only ones in the entire post. … Continue reading

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June 2015 Calendar

I’ve been pretty good about avoiding politics . . . . . . and religion . . . . . . but I do occasionally fall into the trap of talking about guns. Note: I don’t own, nor claim ownership … Continue reading

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May 2015 Calendar

I’ve been gone a month . . . not that the casual reader might have noticed.  Sure, I had a disclaimer at the beginning of each post, but I had scheduled posts as Disperser Tracks ‘heartbeats’ of sorts, keeping the … Continue reading

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April 2015 Calendar

A lot of people are likely gearing up to spring this or that April Fool’s joke on someone. Don’t. Your life and theirs will be the better for it. I have good news to share with everyone. First, let me refresh people’s … Continue reading

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