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Some of my fiction writings.


Every morning, we walk at the Old Kona Airport recreation area. I’ve written about it before but for them who forgot, our usual walk is 4.5 miles. If we don’t go to the gym, we add another 2 miles to … Continue reading

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Strictly P900 Photos and other stuff

I’m screwed. Two days ago, I was writing the last scene of my Michelle Maul short story. As I write, I’m happy with the plot, with the twist, with the progression of the story and looking forward to putting it … Continue reading

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Post-Processing Tools – A Comparison

I’ve written before about my Workflow and general Post-Processing of my photographs. Just yesterday, I read a post by Leanne Cole about a hands-on trial of ACDSee Ultimate 10. I was severely tempted to buy it, but then I looked … Continue reading

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A tiny glimmer of talent

Some people might remember a show called Wings.  Tastes vary, of course, but for us, Wings is one of the few shows that has aged well. The jokes we laughed at in 1990 are the same jokes we laugh at now … Continue reading

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A poor showing

Since January, I’ve averaged exactly twelve (12) posts per month. That is a huge drop from years past. In 2015, for instance, my average was more than one post a day and that’s when I was working. It’s not just … Continue reading

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Author Blurb and Genres

I have an “About” page that gives general and mostly accurate, somewhat flattering, somewhat in-your-face, and some say an overly smug description of who I am. Planning for the eventual curiosity of readers of my many future published works, I … Continue reading

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The Last Resort: Self-publish

If you’re a writer, you love to write; duh! Oh, and it would also be nice if people read your stuff. Double-oh, and it would be even nicer if people paid money to read your stuff. Finally — to bring … Continue reading

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