In four days, the Alphabet Challenge “T” Stories voting round will end. I post the reminders because there have been late-round voting surges which seem tied to the deadline approaching . . . probably people who enjoy the thrill of working to a deadline.

. . . although this isn’t really work, or shouldn’t be . . . .

If you’re a reader of our stories and someone who votes, thank you in advance for casting a vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge T-Stories” are HERE(link) Votes will be accepted until noon, Chicago time, on November 27th.

As usual, let me know if something goes wrong with the voting . . . and today I decided to process a few more Nikon D100 photos, but transitioning from flowers to other stuff.

Those look like Black-eyed Susan flowers but they’re actually a wildflower that looks similar. Or, maybe they are Black-eyed Susan from seeds that had been blown into a natural setting. We’ll never know.

The action for the Alphabet Challenge “N” Stories voting has been hot and heavy these last few days. A good thing to see and likely due to Sunday’s noon deadline, when the poll will close.Just a friendly reminder that — if you want to participate — you have until then to vote.

And, no, not by mail because The Orange Blob is continuing his efforts to turn the once-mighty USA into a Banana Republic, this time by deprecating the Post Office. As a nation, we’ve come a long way down from our lofty ideals.

For example, we once thought a functioning and reliable Post Office was crucial to our country’s future . . . now, not so much, at least if you listen to certain people. Like I said, every day, there is less and less to calm the nerves and soothe the soul (I mean, if I had a soul, which I don’t). 

I still somewhat trust the security of the poll, so if readers have yet to do so, they can still — but not for long — read the stories and cast a vote for their favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge N-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link

So, Western Landscapes and sights . . .

Sometimes I’m an idiot. (Hmm . . . Only Sometimes?!) I really like that processing but I forgot to save the finished product as a preset, and I don’t remember the exact steps for that “look”.