It’s been a while and truth be told, this can’t be a continuation of my Quick NECA Cruise Update posts because it lacks the immediacy of the experience. Meaning, it’s a few months later and I’m a long way away from the locale and I’m using my PC instead of the phone.

But, you know, I should probably bookend the quick updates before I do more detailed posts with better-rendered photos of the experience . . . which I’ll do after I report on our January 2019 Panama Cruise . . . which takes a back seat to me reporting on our one week stay in Long Beach (also January) . . . which I’ll do once I finish recounting our experience on our 2017 Alaska Cruise.

Meaning, don’t hold your breath.

Right; on we go.

Most of the meals I ate consisted of nibbling on as many dishes that looked like foods I might like. Nothing adventuresome and mostly predictable.

I think I mentioned it before, the desserts didn’t measure up to previous experiences on Princess Ships.

I’m writing this from the LaGuardia Delta Gate 29 (Terminal C) . . . our scheduled 1:10 pm flight has now been pushed back to 3:10 pm.

Most annoying and an unwelcomed development given that we were scheduled to (by now) have pick up our car and be driving home. Oh well; it’s yet another reminder as to why travel by commercial carrier sucks.

So, where where we? Oh, yeah . . . Bar Harbor.

So, after looking into a few shops (but not finding anything to buy) we made our way back down to the water. The place is certainly picturesque.

So, not a big fan of cities. We’ve been to Boston a few times and generally avoid spending time in the city.

Now, I know people’s inner indignant-Boston-fans are struggling to get out of their lazy chairs and ready to battle me on this; historic sites, unique architecture, things to do . . . yes . . . and ho-hum. None of those got us off the boat.

We went by this as we docked and for sure I thought we’d be able to walk to it . . . and would have except for the fact there was no direct walking path to it. Too bad.