“What the heck is that?”

My best guess is that it’s a rusty steel drum made up to represent an underwater scene. I took that shot near the end of our visit to the Long Beach aquarium. I’m telling you that as a way to let readers know that these photos are not in order, and the title gives away the plan to spread the photos from that visit into multiple posts.

January 2, 2019, was the day we planned to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, which is the actual name of the place (click on the name to visit their homepage).

That link has a lot of information about the place, the exhibits, and lots of photos. Photos that are better than mine, so, if interested, that might be the better plan of action . . . or you can proceed with reading what I have to say about it and looking at the photos and videos I took.

So, we’re now into the New Year (2019). We stayed in Long Beach until January 6th, when we sailed on the Coral Princess for our Ocean-to-Ocean cruise with passage through the Panama Canal.

On two of those days, we visited the Aquarium and the Queen Mary, but those photos merit their own posts. Maybe even multiple posts. For the remainder of the days, we wandered the waterfront, snapping photos.

This, then, is a visual tour of what caught my interest enough to merit me snapping a photo. Mind you, I have a facile shutter finger . . . I tend to snap far more photos than is probably good for me. Well, I enjoy it, so maybe it is good for me.

One other reason I use the P900 is that it was easier to take hand-held movies with the P900 than my then camera, the D7000 .

December 30, 2018, was the first full day in Long Beach, CA. We were staying at the Hyatt Regency, conveniently located central to a number of attractions and walkways next to the Pacific Ocean.

All photos in this post are from THIS SmugMug Gallery, and all were taken with the Nikon P900. That means you’ll see things like this . . .

A semi-zoomed image (the Queen Mary, in this case)
. . . and an ultra-zoom of the ship berthed next to it.

It’s what I like to do with that camera . . . prove to myself that the zoom function is still worth the compromises one makes when deciding on this camera.

Those shots were from about 2,000 feet away, give or take a couple of hundred feet.

The advantage of such a long zoom is that you can see the old girl could use some sprucing up (something I confirmed when we went to see it). It’s obvious in these next photos.

At the end of 2018, we left Hawaiʻi. We moved there in June 2016, with plants to stay for five to ten years (or longer), but various things prompted a move back after only two-and-a-half years.

When I say the end of 2018, I literally mean the end of 2018 . . . we left the Big Island late on the 28th, and the 29th found us in Long Beach, CA.

As is my wont, I don’t typically announce trips ahead of time, so the first hint came via a passing comment in Post No. 260 of my Project 313 effort (the post explaining the project is HERE).

Here’s the thing with that move . . . the original plan was to be gone from The Big Island for three months (something to do with the lease in the condo we were renting), and we had decided it was cheaper to send the car back to the mainland as opposed to renting one for three months. But that meant we had three weeks before the car would arrive on the mainland. So we booked back-to-back cruises covering those weeks.

Then, we got a call from Princess Cruises, asking if we would mind swapping the first cruise for a cruise at a later time (that first cruise included New Year’s Eve, and they overbooked). And that’s how we ended up in Long Beach for a whole week before going on our scheduled Panama cruise.

Why am I explaining all this?