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Yellowstone June 2015

One can easily argue the duplicity of people when it comes to the value of being smart. 

There are many definitions of smart. Some relate to specific metrics (IQ) while others place the emphasis on matters that are harder to measure (street smarts, political smarts, corporate smarts). Therefore, before going too far, I should define smart, and do so in a very self-serving manner. 

Smart (intelligent) – a person who is aware of the limits of both his knowledge and abilities and in that awareness, constantly seeks to expand said limits in all manner of disciplines, each prioritized based on the person’s current needs and desires. 

By the above definition, I am smart. No surprise there; the person making the rules always does well. Practically speaking, being smart gives me confidence in myself and my decisions, confidence in my ability to solve problems, confidence in my ability to recognize when I don’t know something and to seek help. Confidence in taking risks and learning from failure. 

Before I go on, Yellowstone 2015, Mammoth Hot Springs. Nothing to do with the above; just thoughts on photography and Yellowstone.

Yellowstone June 2015
Yellowstone June 2015
Yellowstone June 2015
Yellowstone June 2015

All these photos are from our 2013 and 2015 trips to Yellowstone. Click on them for a larger version. Go to the SmugMug Gallery for the full-size 2015 versions. The photos for the 2013 Yellowstone shots are in THIS SmugMug gallery. 

I should warn people . . . I may not be around much during the next few months. 

Wait . . . is that clapping and cheering I hear?

I’m still going to post stuff here whenever I need a break or need to unwind or both. I won’t completely stop, but reading the sixty blogs I subscribe to will take a back seat to other stuff. 

Yellowstone June 2015

By the way, all these photos are from our 2015 trip to Yellowstone. Click on them for a larger version. Go to the SmugMug Gallery for the full-size versions.

This next shot is a panorama with Yellowstone lake in the foreground. 


You can click on the above photo for a larger version, but if you have a fast Internet hookup, click HERE for the full-size version (8MB). After you click and it loads, click again to zoom in and out. 

Note: Based on feedback I received, posts on this blog are now longer and with more photos.

I don’t know the exact age, but around eight years of age, I feasted on a zombie . . . er . . . received my First Communion.

I do remember doing a lot of thinking about god . . . and testing god. She . . . He . . . it failed miserably. 

Over the next few years, I graduated from testing god to challenging it, trying to provoke a response. That was also a form of testing, albeit a bit drastic. I’m not sure exactly when god became a non-thing for me. I still went to communion, but before going to communion one had to go to confession. I had a standard list of “sins” I confessed instead of kneeling there in silence . . . I claimed disobedience of my parents, telling a few lies, speaking the name of god in vain. Admittedly, I didn’t exactly know what that last one was. I sort of knew it had to do with cursing, but I didn’t typically curse. At least, not that I remember.

June 2015 trip to Wyoming

By my early teens, that whole church thing was a mild but bearable annoyance. Sometime during my high school years, I told my parents I wasn’t going anymore. Used logic and everything, something along the line that it made no sense “faking” going to church; if there was a god, it would know.

It would be many years later I would learn the word “atheist”, and years after that I would hear the word skeptic and learn there were others like me. 

There are noises on the airwaves. Some of them relate to Freedom of Speech. 

But, before I get to something that means a lot to me, I want to touch on the underlying reason I’m writing this. 

June 2015 trip to Wyoming

I am referring, of course, to the 2016 Presidential Election.

By the way, I’ll go on record right now . . . for the first time since I’ve been eligible to vote, I will choose not to.

I’ve argued the eventual rebuke before, but I’ll briefly summarize it here . . . I am not responsible for whatever happens. Instead, I hold people who do vote as responsible for whatever is to come.