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The Spinner Files

A blog I follow (OneOwner) had a photo of a spinner that looked neat (click on the link to see it). Well, of, course, I had to get one . . . or more.  Warning: this post will be boring for … Continue reading

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A Burst of Macros

So, a few days ago I had an urge to macro.  Obviously, not a macro shot. I took this photo on the way to snapping a bunch of macro shots. FYI, as usual, click on any photo for a larger … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

One of the reasons you can tell that it’s a lazy Sunday is that the titular post goes live on Monday. Oh, well . . . whatcha gonna do.  Notice: photos of spiders later in this post.  FYI, as usual, click … Continue reading

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Foray Into Black & White

Many, the adepts at the Black and White arts. Photographers, that is. Powerful, their photos often be, evoking primal emotions and contemplations, oft mirroring one’s imagined deep connection with the simplicity of opinion and certainty of facts.  Mirroring the illusion … Continue reading

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Strictly P900 Photos and other stuff

I’m screwed. Two days ago, I was writing the last scene of my Michelle Maul short story. As I write, I’m happy with the plot, with the twist, with the progression of the story and looking forward to putting it … Continue reading

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On Writing and Self-Publishing

Let me make one thing perfectly clear . . . I don’t know jack shi . . . er, I mean, I am not an expert on writing, publishing, selling books, book publishing, bookbinding . . . look, just assume … Continue reading

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Supporting a writer

Paige Addams is a beta reader for some of my stuff and I was a beta reader for parts of Tales of Ejoma (Dual Realms Book 1) available today for sale at Amazon.  Since WordPress cut ties with Alexa, I no longer … Continue reading

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