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I looked for Rupes Recta

I came across THIS site and instantly reawakened my interest in astronomical observations. Er . . . I don’t mean making my tremendously insightful, wise, and deep commentaries on the nature of the Universe and Humans  in particular. No, I mean looking at objects inhabiting … Continue reading

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Long Beach New Year’s Celebration Fireworks

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.   For a slideshow click HERE. When you click the link, it will open in a new window and you have two options: 1) Manually scroll through the photos … Continue reading

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The June 2015 Night Sky – Part II

Some might recall this video I shared earlier this week: I added the photos below to the existing SmugMug gallery HERE. If you watched the video, you know the 19th and 20th offered the opportunity of photographing two different isosceles … Continue reading

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The June 2015 Night Sky – Part I

This paragraph is here because otherwise this poor excuse for an editor continuously loses the setting for opening the photos in a separate window or tab. Aggravating that, and I still don’t see why I can’t have that as a general … Continue reading

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The Moon and Pikes Peak – June 2012

It seems June of each year presents interesting opportunities to photograph the moon, and this year is no different. The dawn was just breaking, and giving the sky a neat appearance.  Some of that can be attributed to the clouds. … Continue reading

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Astral Matters . . . or, Better Late Than Never

Edited to Add: WordPress keeps dropping the links associated with each photo, so here’s the direct link to the SmugMug gallery where one can see full resolution of the originals, and camera info: Please ignore the instructions to click … Continue reading

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A miscellaneous look back

We’ve just entered July, and it seems incredible half of 2011 has slipped from being full of future promises into being a repository of opportunities lost.   This post exists because I have some lingering pictures that don’t fit into … Continue reading

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