Today’s the day. In five hours and fifty-four minutes, the “T” Stories voting round will come to a close.

If you are a reader of our stories and someone who votes, thank you in advance for casting a vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge T-Stories” are HERE(link) Votes will be accepted until noon, Chicago time, on Sunday Saturday, November 28th.

I doubt we’ll have many more votes, but even if we get no more, this has been another pretty good round.

And now . . . PanosFx has a sale going on for his premium actions (LINK). All his actions are available for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

For them who just want the free stuff, all you have to do is subscribe to his newsletter and you get some pretty awesome actions (LINK). Like, for instance, his swiss cheese text effect . . .

Actually, it works on any shape.