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The Andean native has found a home in many of the local ranches

Photos Makeover

All this makeover of books and posters had me thinking about the advances in photo processing over the last few years. And not just in the software, but also how I evolved in my processing preferences and skills.  Take, for … Continue reading

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Photo and the Flash – No. 1

So, I feel as if I mislead readers . . . it feels good.  This is not, in fact, about flash photography. You see, this is the first of what I hope will be more posts like this.  Basically, these … Continue reading

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Colorado Fauna – The Ubiquitous Alpacas

These things are quite peculiar-looking.  Their wool is hypoallergenic, very soft, warm, and expensive.  Some of these animals, depending on the color, can get up to several tens of thousands of dollars in value. They look dainty, but are native … Continue reading

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