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Colonialist, I’ll miss you

I want to take a brief moment to mark the passing of a blogger from South Africa who went by the name of Colonialist. He had been battling cancer and THIS post informed his readers and followers the fight ended … Continue reading

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ElBob, I’ll remember you

August 31, 2014 was the first time LordBeariofBow (Brian Smith) commented on my blog. It didn’t take long for our exchanges to lean toward banter. Some might wonder how it is I remember the date of our initial conversation. It’s … Continue reading

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General observations about stuff while waiting at the airport . . .

I started this blog post as we sat at the LaGuardia Delta terminal waiting for our flight . . . which had been delayed; twice. That was this past Saturday. I hate wasting written words, so I thought I would finish the post … Continue reading

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A Dove, some rocks, a Hosta, and a fake flower

I’m nothing if not imaginative with my titles.  Let’s begin with the Dove (the bird, not the soap products) . . . The last time I’ve had dealings with doves was in Colorado; they used to nest in my Blue … Continue reading

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I mentioned we moved to Illinois and one of the things I have fun with is what one calls themselves when residing in a particular state.  “Illinoisian“ be the official answer . . . pretty boring, you’d have to agree.   … Continue reading

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