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Faulty memory . . . of nothing

I recently posted this doodle . . .  . . . and quipped it might hold the key to what we — as humans — should be doing.  Quote: ” . . . that almost looks like it should means … Continue reading

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Some action, a bit of intent, a dash of motivation . . . and the tick to bind them all.

I have to mention my other title choice for this piece: Action and the Tick Notice: this is a piece about writing. Specifically, my writing. Ergo, the need to have a disclaimer, right here, ahead of the piece. The disclaimer … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on violence

I’ve received some feedback on Gin’s War (my third NaNoWriMo novel). It was useful feedback and I need to digest it before tackling how to address the issues and concerns it raised. However, one particular comment got me thinking. A … Continue reading

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A little of this and a little of that

So, I got me another rejection . . . but, it felt pretty good.  “Why?”  Well, Bob, I’m glad you asked. I got me another somewhat personalized rejection. And, you know what; it even had a hint or two about the … Continue reading

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Eight years and counting

So, yesterday was the 8th year anniversary of this blog. There were no parades, no rejoicing in the streets, and not even WordPress reminded me of the milestone.   In prior years, I’ve summarized stats like the number of posts (1,841 … Continue reading

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A very important survey

The other day, I got a call. Normally, when I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer the phone. However, for various reasons, these days I answer every call. It went something like this:

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Just some thoughts and stuff . . .

Some general thoughts on guns and stuff; thinking about the kind of stuff that gets thrown around with abandon and without — it seems to me —much forethought. I’ll try and point out why things are always more complicated than … Continue reading

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