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Just stuff to pass the time

So, we had decided to do a Fort Lauderdale Land and Sea tour to pass the many hours between the end of the cruise and our evening flight to San Diego. As we spend a few hours listening to 60 … Continue reading

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Looking back to 2018 — The Media

So, how good was 2018 for photographs? Well, here’s the first posted graphic of 2019. Not photos per se . . . these were calendars I did for 2018. It’s one of Panos FX (free) actions. I didn’t have time … Continue reading

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Where in the world . . .

. . . Can one find a Disperser . . . Or, more specifically, Disperser Tracks. Here’s a big hint . . . I should have done a proper post, but this will have to do. I’m currently fighting … Continue reading

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There’s a significant difference . . .

. . . between Coach and First Class. I’m sure everybody knows it. I mean, beyond the obvious (the cost). Just the same, let me tell you about it . . . In First Class, they warm your nuts. And, … Continue reading

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Birds I’ve not photographed

Another quick post. Needed a few minutes to take the weight of the world of my shoulders and unwind. These are painted on the outside wall of a United States Post Office contractor office . . . Like a regular … Continue reading

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Holidays Greetings 2018

So, I’m pretty swamped and the closer it gets to the end of the year, the more my time will be occupied with non-blogging things. I might even tell you about it eventually . . . but not now. Now, … Continue reading

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Just bubbles

So, still pretty busy and overly preoccupied with stuff . . . Including, bubbles That’s a photo taken in my kitchen sink. Most people don’t do anything with their photos before sharing them. Not me; at the very least, I … Continue reading

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