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Overview Effect

I often wonder why certain people — myself included — have such different views when it comes to living our lives. By different, I mean not conforming to the majority of people. Obviously, because I think I’m smart, I believe … Continue reading

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Rudderless Sunday

There is so much I want to write about. Not just want; almost have to . . . I can’t quite put it into words but it stems from looking around and wondering if others are seeing what I am … Continue reading

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Just a few random shots and thoughts

Sometimes I have so much to say and show that I end not saying or showing anything. By far, writing something is the more difficult task. Throwing up photos is easy . . .  Writing, on the other hand, can … Continue reading

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Elites, Intellectuals, Reason, Questions, and Critical Thinking

Warning: this is not an easy read, nor am I presenting it as particularly worthwhile; it’s just me thinking aloud for my own benefit and because I like to read back at my stuff after it sits for a few … Continue reading

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Back to the Big Boy Camera

A funny thing happened to me last week when I visited the Volcano National Park . . . I discovered I am vain. Yup! Me, vain.  I know what’s you’re thinking . . .  “What’s he got to be vain … Continue reading

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Man, oh man, could I write stuff . . . politics, religion, fake news . . . so much happens every day that one hardly has the time to formulate an opinion before one is slammed with the latest surreal … Continue reading

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On Protesting and Other Things

This past week was one of protests and demonstrations. My first thought on protests is a selfish one: is it going to impact what I want to do? If not, sure, go ahead and knock yourself out. If yes, then I … Continue reading

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