I’ve had two posts about sewing and quilting (HERE and HERE), and the 2021 Holiday Greetings (HERE) had a couple of themed quilts. It’s now time for an update.

Specifically, updates on quilts mentioned before and that have since been finished, and updates on ongoing stuff. This update is limited to large quilts, ignoring, for now, all the small stuff she works on.

I mentioned in the previous post about the difficulties of photographing large quilts . . . well, I came up with something that worked reasonably well (but added a bit of work).

The drawback with that setup is that it’s difficult to get the quilt to hang flat, or, for that matter, to ensure it’s square to the world. Also, it’s inside, which poses a lighting issue, not to mention the pattern of the drapes in the background is a distraction.

I think I worked out solutions for all those issues. . . let’s see if I’m right.

The Face of Happiness

I should do these more often, but Melisa is a reluctant artist. Reluctant as in not wanting to share stuff she considers less-than-perfect (as opposed to yours truly who has no compunction about sharing mediocre offerings). I finally convinced her to share some current and past efforts.

I’ll even describe basic stuff about quilting for people lacking detailed knowledge about it. However, since I belong to that group, excuse any errors in descriptors and/or names.

I’d crossed paths with the above graphic in early December and saved it for this occasion. For them interested in it, it came from THIS website (the above is a link to the image).

I’ve written of my feelings about the Holidays, and Christmas in particular, both in 2019 and 2020.

In general, I have nothing against the celebrations; the lights look nice, and, yes, after a month, the music begins to grate, but it’s also (mostly) nice.

Of course, as an atheist, the underlying reason(s) are of no concern unless forced on me, and since we don’t socialize much, not much is forced on me.

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE . . . but, it’s not annotated.
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