So, once again we find ourselves hitting the road. Yup, we be traveling. The reasons are mixed . . . we’re attending a funeral and a birthday celebration; the funeral today, the birthday celebration tomorrow.

The person who died is . . . was the husband of one of Melisa’s cousins, and he was my age.

The birthday celebration tomorrow is for one of Melisa’s aunts . . . celebrating her 100th birthday, she is.

And that’s all Iwant to share about those two events . . . so let me get to some photos.

Well, that’s not true; I’m sure there will be additional consecutive posts, but not deliberately.

“What the heck are you talking about!?”

This is the 61st consecutive day that I’ve published something. To be clear, a blog post, and not a book. I remain — explicably — unpublished.

I should explain . . . WordPress does this thing where once you have a few days in a row that you post something, it sends you a congratulatory acknowledgment. At first, I wasn’t trying, but once it got to a few weeks, it had become a habit. More than a habit, actually; I was addicted.

OK, so addicted is a little strong . . .

I’d crossed paths with the above graphic in early December and saved it for this occasion. For them interested in it, it came from THIS website (the above is a link to the image).

I’ve written of my feelings about the Holidays, and Christmas in particular, both in 2019 and 2020.

In general, I have nothing against the celebrations; the lights look nice, and, yes, after a month, the music begins to grate, but it’s also (mostly) nice.

Of course, as an atheist, the underlying reason(s) are of no concern unless forced on me, and since we don’t socialize much, not much is forced on me.

Haven’t been around much, and part of the culprits are the two remaining sins of the SDS Challenge, Pride and Sloth — as in I ain’t got much of the first and too much of the second.

That’s right, I’ve still not written my Pride story. At this point, I don’t know if I will. I might let the Broxson Twins duke it out (although I’ve not heard from them either — they had said their stories were almost done, so I assume any day now).

That is a sweet potato … one of three that I found crammed inside a six-inch pot I was cleaning out. We had planted a sweet potato vine in the pot (they have nice ornamental leaves and are a favorite of passing deer). I wish I had a photo of the plant, but I didn’t snap any so — if curious — you’ll have to look it up on the InterWeb.

I’ve been too lazy to post stuff, and for that, I’m sorry. I have a number of new photos (and videos) I want to share, photo series I want to finish presenting, and, of course, the next installment of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge; the Envy stories.

This post, however, is just to tell you all that is coming . . . eventually. Oh, remember Bagel Faces from a few post ago? Well, I kept playing with them . . .

They might look the same, but these have been run through Topaz’s Impression plugin. It modified the bread-like complexion and made them more . . . well, more face-like. or so I think.