Yesterday I sort of dissed NightCafe . . . and, it’s true that trying to make something that looks realistic is a near-impossible task . . . so the answer is to not worry about realism and just go for broke, which is what I did . . .

but first, three offerings by Dream by WOMBO. I’m posting them because I find the engine fun to work with, and there are still many options I’ve not explored.

As mentioned before, the same prompt and style will not generate the same graphic because there’s also a random number generator that picks a seed photo. Of course, you can provide your own, but I’ve yet to try doing that.

I’ve not tried it because there are still many styles to try.

I wish they would be more consistent with their looks . . . the fact that two identical prompts and styles can give you drastically different results makes it difficult to plan out something specific.

In that regard, it’s fun to play with, but frustrating to create with.

But, on to NightCafe . . .

Yesterday’s post covered three AI Art Generators, and the easiest site to play with — and it’s free — is Dream by WOMBO. Click on the link, enter a few words, pick a style, and you’re in business. And that’s what my sister AnnMarie and me did this afternoon over the phone.

I ran this on my computer
She ran the same prompt and style on her computer

Obviously, the same prompt and style choice doesn’t generate the same graphic, and that makes sense otherwise, we would have a finite number of possible results.

I mean, there probably is a finite number unless they have a quantum random number generator . . . but I could be wrong.

From here on, my trading cards have a title, whereas hers just say “Dream” for the title.

Anyway, we tried different prompts where we used the same words and styles . . .


Some, like this next pair, were closer than others . . .

Some might remember when I played with Deep Dream Generator a few years ago. If you need a refresher, read THIS post, and, if you are a masochist, links to all related posts are HERE. The SmugMug Gallery collecting all those images is at this LINK. Warning: there are 382 images, and while many are (in my opinion) very good, there are many where I was trying out stuff and learning.

What is Deep Dream Generator? Well, it’s a bit like what I do with Topaz Studio when I artsify my images. Essentially, it blends the content, style, and colors of one image with the style of another to generate a mishmash with elements of both.

For the sake of this post, here are a few images to give you a flavor of what Deep Dream could generate:

Hummingbird photo plus Lava photo.
Buffalo and tree bark.
Gorilla and Singer sewing machine

Some of the photos are small because you ‘earned’ abilities and options the more you used the app. By the way, the site is still active; it’s just that I lost interest in it and moved on; however, my account is still active (HERE).