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Yup! Mirror Lab Android App once more

postI mentioned in the last post this familiar visage might be Apollo or David . . .    . . . but I figure I could play with the image and try to coax other figures from it. So, I … Continue reading

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Note 8 and Snapseed

I mentioned the Doves doing what Doves do . . . and they done did it under my nose. Well, not literally but I was too slow in denying them a nesting spot in my gutters. By the way, them … Continue reading

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Moon Reflections

Last month, on a clear night, next to a gently lapping lake, the moon offered up a visual treat as it danced on the uneven water surface.  I had a particular version of this image in mind . . . … Continue reading

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A Dove, some rocks, a Hosta, and a fake flower

I’m nothing if not imaginative with my titles.  Let’s begin with the Dove (the bird, not the soap products) . . . The last time I’ve had dealings with doves was in Colorado; they used to nest in my Blue … Continue reading

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Canada Geese and the Moon

I figure I would post a few photos along with a quick update. What better photos than them prodigious crapping machines known as Canada Geese? On nearly-still water with the dawn breaking behind them, they made for interesting subjects.

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I mentioned we moved to Illinois and one of the things I have fun with is what one calls themselves when residing in a particular state.  “Illinoisian“ be the official answer . . . pretty boring, you’d have to agree.   … Continue reading

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Yes, still here.

For them wondering if I’m done with the blog . . . nope! Still here, in spirit if not in substance.  I’m still snapping the occasional photo or two but — truth be told — not that many since my … Continue reading

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