Dream AI – The Cat Files Plus

This is one of my sporadic travel posts. To be clear, the posts are sporadic, not the travel.

I had access to some cats (we no longer have pets) and used a few of their images as seeds for a few of my Dream AI adventures. As a reminder to the one or two readers who might not be familiar with AI Art Generators, the user — in this case me, but it could be anyone — gives the AI a prompt (it can be anything from a simple sentence to a very detailed request), and the AI renders its interpretation of your prompt. But, you can also give it a seed image to start with, as I often do.

So, for example, I might use a portion of this image:

… give the AI a prompt like “dark cliffs slammed by ocean waves”, and the AI returns this image:

Attentive types will notice something different in these Dream AI renderings. Namely, some are in Landscape mode, whereas, up to a few days ago, the only option was Portrait renderings. Yes, there was an upgrade to the app, and we now have more choices. But, we can still download a short video of the rendering:

Here are a few more renderings from the same seed image:

No video for this image

So, having established the process, I give you the rest of the cat files.

Prompt: misty forest scene
Prompt: misty forest scene
Prompt: the raging ocean

I should make a quick comment . . . the photos in the videos are ‘softer’ and not as focused as the originals. I think it’s a result of the amount of “weight” given to the seed image (in my case, usually 50%).

Prompt: the raging ocean (no video for this one)
Prompt: the raging ocean

This next rendering was interesting (see if you can determine why I think so):

Prompt: ominous forest scene
Prompt: steampunk outdoor glass elevator
Prompt: ocean waves crashing against sandstone cliffs

That’s not the color of sandstone I’m familiar with, but OK.

This next rendering has nothing to do with cats, but it surprised me (especially considering the seed image), so I’m including it . . .

Prompt: the raging ocean

Well, that’s all I have time for.

Here’s the slideshow of the Gallery. The Gallery itself is HERE.

Slideshow of The Cat Files Plus Gallery — 25 images and videos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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