Hummingbirds 2023 — and so it begins

First Hummingbird of 2023

This is probably not the first hummingbird that stopped at my feeders (I have five out) since hummingbirds are well into Canada by now. However, it’s the first I’ve seen this year. It’s a crappy photo because I was shooting through glass and a screen using my S23, and while I could have played with the focus, I wasn’t sure how long the guy would sit there.

Mainly, it’s just to validate my having my feeders out for the past week. Also, it inspired me to run a few Dream AI by Wombo prompts . . .

While these are interesting, I hope to capture more realistic and better versions of live birds at my feeders.

This being a short post, I’ll leave you with a video I shot this morning shortly after photographing the hummingbird. Thankfully, no screen to interfere with the capture, but I am shooting through double-pane glass.

Note: I didn’t control the music track, so it might be loud. Lower the volume on your device.

Shot hand-held at 10X optical zoom

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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