Nash Metropolitan

Obviously, that’s not a Nash Metropolitan. It’s some random flower near where Melisa had an appointment. I took the opportunity to walk around snapping photos with the S23 Ultra. I also tried the Super Slo-Mo camera option (more tests to follow).

For reasons that escape me, Samsung changed the capture time from an already short timespan that produced 30-sec videos to an even shorted timespan that produces 17-sec videos.

Annoying that because if you’re trying to capture an event that only lasts a second with a camera that only records for a second . . . well, you’re not going to capture diddly-squat (a scientific term for fuck-all, as the Brits would say).

Anyway, the Nash Metropolitan . . .

It’s a small car. I’m not a big guy, and think I’d have trouble fitting in there. Maybe when I was younger and able to contort in ways that would now leave me permanently disabled, but even then, I think I would have found the car supremely uncomfortable.

This particular vehicle was not in great shape, despite the fetching color. Luckily, there were two other samples in slightly better shape . . . along with what I believe is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-Door Sedan.

A little bit of a size difference in the cars, but they are both from around the same period in automotive history (the Metropolitan is a bit younger, but not by much).

These next two models were in a bit better shape, at least at first glance.

That’s me trying to emulate oneowner (but without putting in the effort he does).

I should have included more stuff to give a sense of the size of these supposed cars. I tried putting a quarter in the photo, but the grass was too long . . . and I ended up losing the quarter.

Here are a few additional oneowner-type shots (but, again, without the processing effort he puts into his beautiful photos).

Hey! . . . what do you know!? An inadvertent selfie!

The interiors of these cars were pretty sparse as far as controls go. These interiors were pretty much trashed, but I got a decent photo of one dash through the read window . . .

That’s a huge steering wheel relative to the space it occupies.

The Chevy wasn’t in much better shape . . .

In case readers are wondering, I had my D7500 with me, and I might yet go back and deploy it to capture similar photos. But today, today I wanted to see what the S23 Ultra could do. I think it did OK in what were not particularly ideal conditions (deep shadows and bright backgrounds).

The only processing I did was to add a bit of sharpening, but otherwise, these are as shot. No adjustments to exposure, brightness, shadows, saturation, luminance, and whatnot.

Frankly . . . I don’t know that the Nikon would have done as well in these conditions. I probably would have had to bracket the exposures and merge them as HDR renderings for balanced foregrounds and backgrounds.

Anyway, the SmugMug gallery is HERE, and you can click below for the slideshow:

Slideshow of the Nash Metropolitan Smugmug Gallery — (24 images)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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