SmugMug Appreciation Sunday — No. 062

In brief, these posts serve to introduce new readers — and reintroduce regular readers — to photos from the early days of this blog and, occasionally, to photos from days before this blog came into existence.

Today’s stroll on memory lane continues the recap of my two-hour drives.

The photos are from THIS Gallery and are documented in THIS post. That post is the Third of four posts documenting said Two-hour Drives, occasions when I went for a drive specifically with the purpose of taking photos. Colorado was a great place for such drives because most of the roads I drove on were well-suited for stopping and taking photos. Here, in Illinois, not so much.

Or, perhaps, I just don’t have the eye for vast corn and soybean fields.

Anyway, this gallery is about trains and a railroad trestle.

Here’s the trestle . . . .

I also shot the train going over a culvert . . .

But the trestle was more interesting.

This was one of them rare times when I not only had my tripod with me, but actually used it.

While shooting, I became aware of stuff dripping from the trestle.

It was oil, probably from the tar on the timbers used in the construction. The ground was coated with drips. Understand, this was not a new construction. That meant that either these timbers had been soaked to prevent them from rotting, or the tar was occasionally reapplied.

Regardless, I took care not to linger under the trestle longer than necessary. I would not have been happy having oil drip on my camera and/or lens.

When I got home and looked at these photos, I was less than pleased with them . . . so I came back the next day.

FYI, the post and the SmugMug Gallery have slightly different narratives . . . something I often did back then. Essentially two separate posts using the same material. The narrations usually complemented each other.

As it happened, a train arrived at the trestle at the same time I did.

Many of the cars had artwork from what I presume are either graffiti artists, gang members, or both.

. . . some more clever and artistic than others . . .

Here’s a shot of the drippings on the road . . .

About then, I figured I should capture unusual views. You know, almost passing for artistic know-how.

But, I got bored and left . . . but I caught up with another train (or maybe the same train) at another location, and this time I got more graffiti art.

There are a few more photos in the gallery, but here’s the slideshow.

Note: the transition is set to 4sec to read the caption, but if still too fast, move the cursor anywhere within the photo — you’ll see a pause button on the lower left, and, once paused, you can use the left and right arrows on both sides of the photo to navigate the slideshow. It will make it easier to read the captions.

I highly suggest watching the slideshow in full-screen mode, but that’s just me.

You’ll exit the slideshow and find yourself in SmugMug if you click anywhere in the photo instead of the pause button. You can then scroll through the photos or interact in other ways.

Slideshow of the Two 2-hour Drives – Feb. 2012 – Train and Trestle Gallery — (57 photos)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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