Some Dream by WOMBO creations — Part 3

This is the Third post of three about renderings by Dream AI using some of my images as seeds.

As a quick reminder, Dream AI (well, all the AI models) has the option to provide an image to serve as a seed for what it creates. The Pro version of Dream AI has the option to output a video of the creation.

I don’t know how accurately the video represents the creation process because it’s too quick relative to the amount of time it takes to render something. Then again, it might be speeded up.

Ah, crap . . . basically, I don’t know what the video represents, but it purports to be the AI in action as it renders the image. For instance, this is the video generated for the above image.

Note: if you don’t see an image above, refresh the screen; sometimes, WP doesn’t load the first image.

FYI, the prompt was steampunk rollercoaster, and the seed photo was a photo of our patio (you can see it in the video).

Let me reiterate two points I made before:
1) the original photo is better (higher quality) than what is shown in the video.
2) the photo is a crop of a larger photo because Dream AI requires an image of the same resolution, size, and orientation as what it outputs.

I wasn’t happy with the first rendering, so I tried another . . . and this one is also not very steampunk in my estimation.

. . . but it was the closest of the variations it gave me, so here’s the rendering video . . .

I should probably scale the videos down because I’m not sure how they are viewed on the screen. It’s supposed to scale the video to fit on the screen, but I think that’s only if you’re viewing the video on my Vimeo channel.

For the next rendering, I tried dilapidated farm and barn, and I got this next image.

So, I got the barn, and I guess the opening represents a dilapidated farm.

Here is the video.

I was done with the patio, so I moved to a photo of a birthday card Melisa had made me a few years ago, and I repeated the ancient ruins prompt but added vintage car, and I got this next image.

It looks like WW II in Greece.

Here’s the video, which will also show the seed image.

For the next rendering, I prompted flowers, butterflies, and bees . . .

It looks as if the AI decided bees have seven legs and butterfly wings . . .

Still, at first glance, it looks engaging enough.

Here’s the same image used with the prompt spooky swamp scene.

And here’s the video, the last one for a while (don’t want to overdo it).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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