April 2023 Calendars

On time, for a change.

Note: you should see fifteen calendars in this post . . . if you don’t, just reload the page as sometimes they’re slow to load.

Since I have mucho many AI offerings, I will be using them for the calendars. . . or I will until I get tired of AI-created stuff. Here is the first of the January offerings:

The printable files for the monthly calendars will all be uploaded HERE. Previous calendars are there, and I’ll add each month’s calendar as I create them. You should then have the option to download any or all the files.

If you have a color printer — and you so desire — you should be able to print them on 8.5×11 letter-size paper. As mentioned, if you don’t have a color printer, you can print the color versions in grayscale or just print the monochrome versions. I could have made an A4 version, but unless requested, these will all be Letter-sized.

I’ve also turned on the download option for the SmugMug Gallery (HERE), so you could also download them from there . . . and let me know if it does — or does not — work. One thing, it will download whatever size you’re looking at. View full-size to download the full-size version. (The Google option is probably easier.)

No, I won’t be offended if no one downloads them. Part of doing this is to keep in practice with some Photoshop features, so, again, it’s for my benefit.

As before, I don’t expect anyone — in this digital assistant age — to actually use a paper calendar, but a few readers said they’ve used them, so I’ll continue to offer them.

So, April . . . in trying to come up with a theme for April, I went to the tried and true April showers, hence the first rendering . . . and the second, but below, the showers are on the way out.

The season, of course, depends on where you live. Some of you are probably still getting snow . . . or, if you’re at the bottom of the world, you’re enjoying Fall and glad to be rid of Summer.

Hmm . . . I should do a few calendars with the other hemisphere in mind.

Anyway, with Spring come Robins . . .

Robins like the rain, and lots of it, because it brings up the worms.

The next two don’t have anything to do with Spring per see. Still, I thought the images were interesting (double exposures of a heron and something else I can’t identify because there’s not much of the second image to identify).

I’d love to have a house in this next setting . . . although it looks like it might need a new roof, so I’ll wait until the owners replace it.

As usual, you can print the color versions in monochrome, but I think they look better when done up right . . . so I offer five of the above done up right (in monochrome). By ‘done right’ I mean more than just desaturated.

Some might not look good on the screen, but they print ok (at least on my laser printer).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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