Monday’s Toons & Quotes — 008

As mentioned in THIS post, here’s the new Monday’s offering.

The Toons are by artists who gave permission to share their work. The quotes are from the original Jokes of the Week.



Envy is the most stupid of vices, for there is no single advantage to be gained by it.
–Honore de Balzac

Man tends to treat all of his opinions as principles.
–Herbert Hagar

Hatred rarely does any harm to its object. It is the hater who suffers. His soul is warped, and his life poisoned by dwelling on past injuries and projecting schemes of revenge. Rancor is the bosom of the foe of personal happiness.
–Lord Beaverbrook

I like truth. I think mankind needs it, but people have a great need for lies—lies that flatter, console, and open endless possibilities. Without lies, humanity would die of boredom and futility.
–Anatole France

Men who have excessive faith in their theories are not only ill-prepared for making discoveries; they also make poor observations.
–Claude Bernard

There are some men who turn a deaf ear to reason and good advice, and willfully go wrong for fear of being controlled.
–Jean de La Bruyere

Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known.
–Francis Jeffrey

Skepticism means, not intellectual doubt alone, but moral doubt.
–Thomas Carlyle

Life is hard, but at least it’s short. — E. J. D’Alise (circa 1980)

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