Long Beach (CA) — 30Dec2018

December 30, 2018, was the first full day in Long Beach, CA. We were staying at the Hyatt Regency, conveniently located central to a number of attractions and walkways next to the Pacific Ocean.

All photos in this post are from THIS SmugMug Gallery, and all were taken with the Nikon P900. That means you’ll see things like this . . .

A semi-zoomed image (the Queen Mary, in this case)
. . . and an ultra-zoom of the ship berthed next to it.

It’s what I like to do with that camera . . . prove to myself that the zoom function is still worth the compromises one makes when deciding on this camera.

Those shots were from about 2,000 feet away, give or take a couple of hundred feet.

The advantage of such a long zoom is that you can see the old girl could use some sprucing up (something I confirmed when we went to see it). It’s obvious in these next photos.

The paint is flaking off . . .
. . . and rust is winning the battle in places.

But that’s for another day and post.

On this day, the first back on the mainland, we just walked around and enjoyed the sights.

The building on the left in the back is where we were staying.

The picture above was snapped from roughly where they would launch the fireworks for the New Year celebration. I’ve already posted them (HERE), but here are a few shots as reminders.

The previous shot was taken from near that lighthouse.
I don’t often have a chance to snap photos of fireworks, so I was happy with these.

Anyway, if interested in the fireworks, the post and THIS SmugMug gallery are the places to visit. Those fireworks photos were all snapped with my then phone, the Note 8.

But, back to us wandering around the waterfront; as it’s often the case near water, birds were about.

I’ve already shown this photo . . .

. . . but here’s the action shot of those same birds . . .

The gallery has a few more pelican shots, but here are a few I think are worth sharing . . .

And, of course, we visited the namesake of the place . . .

That’s a panorama from the camera, and this next one is a multi-shot panorama of aligned seagulls.

To get a perspective on the place, here is a screenshot from Google Earth. I circled the location of the Hyatt Regency.

We walked fairly close to the water and so captured birds both on land and water.

I should mention there are bikes for rent as well as two-wheeled scooters (you’ll see some in the next post).

But, mostly, this gallery has birds . . . even if sometimes they are different photos of the same bird.

Anyway, that’s it for this post. The full gallery is HERE, and the slideshow is below.

Slideshow for the Long Beach 2019 Gallery — 55 photos

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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