The Fish Hunter Misses

Look to the right!

I’ve previously shared a post about the Fish Hunters. I’m referring to Great Blue Herons and THIS post.

After sharing that post, I recalled another series of photos that showed a Heron missing . . . and I could not find where I had shared them. So, here they are. These photos are from December 2021.

Look to the left!
Left it is . . .

That’s not the heron I want to show you . . . it’s just that I have had these photos from the same day, and I wanted to share them.

This is the heron that I want to show you . . .

What’s interesting about this series is that I was pretty close. I mean, not feet, but not that many yards, either. Normally, these birds move as soon as humans show an interest in them. This one didn’t.

This one also did the “look to each side bit” . . .

But then it dis this . . .

I like the shape of the water right between the wings.
We have nearly full submersion!

So, a good effort . . . but to no avail . . .

OK, so we’re about halfway through the photos, but I’m not going to post them all here.

Instead, I’ll give a few samples, and then interested readers can either watch the slideshow below or go to THIS SmugMug Gallery and peruse the photos at their leisure.

These next samples show the bird

Then it does something I’d not seen in detail before . . .

As I said, I’m only showing a few of the photos.

After it got done shaking, it looked as if it was done . . .

But no . . . it gave me another little show as — I presume — it adjusted its wing feathers. I thought it was going to fly, but this was better.

Here’s the 41 photos slideshow. The first seven photos are of a heron not doing much, and the other thirty-four photos are of the bird you just saw take a dive.

Slideshow of The Fish Hunter Misses Gallery — 41 photos

I was happy to remember this small photoshoot at the refuge, and I now have to wonder what else I’ve forgotten to share.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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