A duck for a contest

There’s a bird contest I wanted to enter, but I had a problem . . . namely, I have something like tens of thousands of bird photos. How to choose?

Plus, it’s a popularity contest. Meaning that readers and the public get to vote on the entries. I have some experience with those contests . . . if you have a lot of friends, you will likely win.

Mind you, it’s usually a beautiful photo, but still, most people ask their friends to please go and vote for the photo they submitted.

I did that too a few times, but it never sat well with me, so I stopped, only announcing the contest and the results after the fact.

Or, like in this case, I won’t say who is running the contest nor where I submitted the photo.

So, here’s my thinking . . . There’s no way I’ll win, or even place, but I can take the opportunity to shine a light on a less-than-cute-but-still-interesting duck . . . the Muscovy Duck.

I mean, I have lots of action photographs and cute photographs, but that’s what everyone is submitting, so why not give a bit of spotlight to a duck that — despite having Dean Martin’s hair — isn’t going to win any beauty contests?

And so, this is the shot I submitted:

Click for full-size version (click again to zoom in)

I advise looking at the photo in full-screen mode.

Anyway, here’s the link to the gallery: LINK.

And here’s the slideshow of the gallery (10 photos — again, I suggest full-screen mode to view the slideshow):

Slideshow of the SmugMug Muscovy Duck Gallery

And with that, a goodnight shot. Although this will go live in the morning, I’m sure it’ll be about to get dark somewhere in the world.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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