Disperser Photos — Aug-Dec 2022

This is a look back at photos from the last five months of 2022.

“Why five months? Why not six months?”

Well, Bob — if that is indeed your name — I’, not going through this again. If you want an answer, read the intro to the previous post.

Anyway, we continue with a brief — but hopefully worthwhile — look at a sampling of the 2022 photos I snapped using the Nikon D7500 camera.

“So, like, are these the best photos of the year?”

No. As I had mentioned, these are photos I came across and thought would make a good example of the type of photos I take and post.

. . . and we begin with squirrels. I have lots of squirrel photos. Many more than I would ever consider sharing. The first, above, shows the typical behavior when gathering peanuts. Namely, grabbing as many as they can hold and running off to bury them. One squirrel routinely managed to grab and hold three unshelled peanuts. This guy managed only two.

On very hot days, they would find a bit of shade and enjoy their meal right then and there.

This year, there were a few times when I got lucky with yellow butterflies.

Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

And, of course, July and August is when hummingbirds get in gear and are constantly at the feeders . . . and bickering.

There’s enough for all, but they still argue.

Of course, those are also the months when young birds are out and about, often accompanying their parents in foraging. Or, sometimes, just watching.

In the previous post, I mentioned my luck at the refuge . . . it was a good year.

But, I spent a lot of time watching birds at the feeders . . .

. . . but that didn’t keep me from looking at other stuff as well.

That’s one angry leaf.

How about some Fall-themed shots?

. . . and back to the refuge . . .

Notice the fur on the barbed wire . . .

Back to my yard . . .

This next shot is the composite of 8 separate shots blended into a panorama . . .

Ice from the birdbath before I put out the birdbath water heaters.
When the arctic air dropped down to visit, even the heater was no match . . . but it never froze completely over.

The photos of the ice, and starling are from late in the year. I didn’t take as many photos in December, but there are some that plan to share (in addition to these).

So, that’s it for the July Through December photos. Before I go, here are a few monochrome versions of the above photos.

And here’s the slideshow for the above photos. The SmugMug Gallery is HERE<<link.

Slideshow of the Disperser Photos – Aug-Dec 2022 Gallery — 28 images.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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