The Fish Hunter — January 2023

Hunting mode.

A couple of days after I saw the Red-shouldered hawk at the refuge, I was back for another look-see . . . and the following images tell the tale of The Fish Hunter.

I won’t have many words . . .

If you zoom into the head, you see it has motion blur . . . this was the beginning of the strike.
Here, I was sure it had something.
I believe that’s a Bluegill, and it skewered it good, it did.
At this point, it headed to the shore where, unfortunately, it ate it out of view.
When it reappeared, its neck was a tad larger than normal.
It then did something interesting . . . it cleaned its bill against the deadwood.
Hunting again.
I was moving slowly and got closer . . .
. . . but it got spooked and flew off.

Here’s the full slideshow (37 photos):

Slideshow of The Fish Hunter Gallery

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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