The Twelve Days of MidJourney Christmas Styles — Overall Winner

Style 8 — 2D Illustration Christmas

The votes are in, and of the 32 styles explored using a Christmas prompt, the above image was the winner . . . sor-of.

Only 8 people voted, and since there was a tie, I cast the tie-braking vote. While I liked the Paper Quilling creation, I felt the above better symbolized the theme of Christmas as it’s understood in modern society.

I again present links to the styles below, as well as the poll results showing a tie.

As a reminder, the prompt I give to the AI was the same for each style:

(style name) Christmas

So, for the winning style, the prompt I gave the AI was: 2D Illustration Christmas.

These were the individual winners for each style and, as is the case for the overall winner, I indicated when I cast a tie-braking vote.

Day 1<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #1 isometric anime (The winner is Image 1.1 with 4 votes)
Style #2 analytic drawing (The winner is Image 2.1 with 3 votes)
Style #3 infographic drawing (The winner is Image 3.2 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 2<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #4 coloring book (The winner is Image 4.2 with 3 votes)
Style #5 diagrammatic drawing (The winner is Image 5.2 with 3 votes)
Style #6 diagrammatic portrait (The winner is Image 6.4 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 3<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #7 double exposure (The winner is Image 7.4 with 4* votes)
Style #8 2D illustration (The winner is Image 8.3 with 4* votes)
Style #9 isometric illustration (The winner is Image 9.4 with 5 votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 4<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #10 pixel art (The winner is Image 10.3 with 5 votes)
Style #11 futuristic style (The winner is Image 11.3 with 3 votes)
Style #12 ornamental watercolor (The winner is Image 12.1 with 4 votes)

Day 5<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #13 dark fantasy (The winner is Image 13.2 with 5 votes)
Style #14 paper cut craft (The winner is Image 14.2 with 3 votes)

Day 6<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #15 paper quilling (The winner is Image 15.2 with 3 votes)
Style #16 patchwork collage (The winner is Image 16.4 with 3 votes)

Day 7<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #17 iridescent (The winner is Image 17.4 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 8<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #18 ukiyo-e art (The winner is Image 18.4 with 6 votes)
Style #19 watercolor landscape (The winner is Image 19.4 with 5 votes)
Style #20 op art (The winner is Image 20.3 with 4 votes)

Day 9<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #21 Japanese ink (The winner is Image 21.4 with 4 votes)
Style #22 pastel drawing (The winner is Image 22.4 with 4 votes)
Style #23 dripping art (The winner is Image 23.3 with 5 votes)

Day 10<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #24 stained glass portrait (The winner is Image 24.3 with 6 votes)
Style #25 graffiti portrait (The winner is Image 25.2 with 4 votes)
Style #26 winter oil painting (The winner is Image 26.4 with 4 votes)

Day 11<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #27 anime portrait (The winner is Image 27.1 with 4 votes)
Style #28 cinematographic style (The winner is Image 28.1 with 5 votes)
Style #29 typography art (The winner is Image 29.4 with 3 votes)

Day 12<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #30 one-line drawing (The winner is Image 30.1 with 4 votes)
Style #31 polaroid photo (The winner is Image 31.3 with 4* votes)
Style #32 tattoo art (The winner is Image 32.1 with 2 votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

As a reminder, here — in order — is a slideshow of the winning images. You can pause it and scroll through it manually, or go to the gallery of winners (LINK) and peruse it at your leisure.

Slideshow: winning images for each Style

Here’s the poll — now closed — where readers voted for the overall winner (not an easy task, I assume). Again, because it was a tie, I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Not that anyone is interested in my preferred image, but just in case someone is wondering about it, it was this one (and it wasn’t even a winner):

Mind you, it’s a tough choice when looking at 120+ options, but even so, most of my top picks were in the Iridescent Style. That’s not to say other styles didn’t have amazing graphics.

Despite not being a fan of Avatar, I guess I’m a sucker for iridescence.

My thanks to all who participated. I hope 2023 is starting off in splendid fashion for you and yours.

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