January 2023 Calendars

New month, new year, new calendar . . . oh, and Happy New Year!

Note: you should see six calendars in this post . . . if you don’t, just reload the page as sometimes they’re slow to load.

Since I have mucho many AI offerings, I will be using them for the calendars. . . or I will until I get tired of AI-created stuff. Here is the first of the January offerings:

As before, I don’t expect anyone — in this digital assistant age — to actually use a paper calendar, but a few readers said they’ve used them, so I’ll continue to offer them.

I’ll be generating the trifold calendars soon, but for now, the monthly ones will have to do.

I’ll be using images from three of the AI Art Generators I use, and I won’t bother with identifying which is which, but the images will be from MidJourney, NightCafe, and DALL-E. If a new contender joins the fray, I’ll mention it.

I’ve also settled on providing three color versions and three monochrome versions.

The printable files for the monthly calendars will all be uploaded HERE. The January calendars are there, and I’ll add each month’s calendar as I create them. You should then have the option to download any or all the files.

If you have a color printer — and you so desire — you should be able to print them on 8.5×11 letter-size paper. As mentioned, if you don’t have a color printer, you can print the color versions in grayscale or just print the monochrome versions. I could have made an A4 version, but unless requested, these will all be Letter-sized.

I’ve also turned on the download option for the SmugMug Gallery (HERE), so you could also download them from there . . . and let me know if it does — or does not — work. One thing, it will download whatever size you’re looking at. View full-size to download the full-size version. (The Google option is probably easier.)

No, I won’t be offended if no one downloads them. Part of doing this is to keep in practice with some Photoshop features, so, again, it’s for my benefit.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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