Title Writing Prompt Challenge Round 11 Voting Results — “Ode To . . . “

Round 11 of this great challenge has come to a close. All that’s left is to report the results of the voting that took place over the past two weeks.

But first, a writing-themed creation by the AI Art Generator Dream by WOMBO.

Anyway, on with the voting results.

22 votes were cast for this round. While it’s a drop from the previous round, considering this round was smack in the middle of the holidays, I consider the results pretty good. The trend line shows voting responses leveling out somewhere between 20 and 254 votes cast each round.

This round saw Gary jump out to an early lead, never relinquishing it. Once again, kind readers kept me from suffering the ignobility of zero votes. (Note: the next round will have a proper story.)

Anyone running late and wanting to express their appreciation for their favorite story can do so HERE, and while any additional votes will not count toward the official results, they will be registered for posterity. For them who still haven’t read the stories, here are the links and a teaser description:

E. J. D’Alise submission<<link
Embracing the role of Queen. (continuation of the novel)

R. G. Broxson submission<<link
A football icon joins the army after 911. He comes home in a casket. His fellow soldier and friend escorts the fallen hero back home on a slow-moving train. Here, he has time to re-think the details of the battle.

Perry Broxson submission<<link
Ever wonder who would win in a one-on-one basketball game between Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Well, EverGames Inc. has cracked the code. From DNA, they re-create players and pitch them against one another . . . for the viewing pleasures of the obscenely wealthy.
Charlie Parlay has been tagged to manage a new division at EverGames – Gladiatorial Combat. Watch as he enters the arena to combat his dead stepfather – the man who murdered his mother.

The voting closed Today at Noon (Central DST time). Here are the results.

Congratulations to Gary for the strong showing and Perry for the silver.

Once again, having submitted part of a novel instead of a short story, I wasn’t expecting any votes, so I was happy with two.

How about more statistics?

That’s a table showing the votes cast for each round. The wound’s winner is highlighted.

Much like in previous challenges, I’m assigning points: 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third. Ties split the combined point.

And here’s the table for each writer’s record:

Perry chose the Round 12 title, and the stories for that title — Something Wicked… — are tentatively set to publish within a few days.

As mentioned, I actually have a short story. Well, an idea . . . I’ll write it today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, the novel will continue on its own posts. My ambition to finish it by the end of December was . . . well, ambitious.

Blame it on all the AI stuff I got involved with, but finish it, I will.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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