Another test of the Poll Block

Some might recall the issue I had with using the Poll Block (HERE)

Anyway, they’ve been working on the issue and this is a test of the supposed fix.

To wit, I’d like people to choose one of these images as your favorite (there should be three images for the first poll; if you don’t see three, refresh the screen as sometimes they lag in loading).

OK, here’s the first test . . .

OK, it looks like it works as it should . . . let me check my CrowdSignal account . . .

Hmm . . . it still shows the extra info:

. . . hmm-2 . . . that’s not all my polls. In fact, that’s the test polls from when it wasn’t working. But, at least, they are linked to my email . . .

What happens if I click on the “Me” box? Will the new polls be there along with my old polls?

OK, so, it’s kind of fixed. It looks like they brute-forced the ownership of Poll Blocks to my Crowdsignal account without actually fixing the issue of Poll Blocks linking to an email instead of going straight to my Crowdsignal. At least it links to my email, so I end up with two lists of polls when viewed in the WP Dashboard.

But, on Crowdsignal, all the polls appear as they should.

So, again . . . fixed but suspicious. Perhaps Poll Blocks always link that way when created in WP . . . or perhaps, there’s still a bug that’s being masked over by a programming bypass.

Also, I still don’t understand why it was linking to my sister’s account (none of the explanations made any sense), and I’ll be checking with her to see if these also show up on her Crowdsignal account.

Bottom line, at least I can see the polls created via Poll Blocks . . . but, since they behave in ways I don’t understand, I’ll not be using the Poll Block and will keep using Crowdsignal the way that I have been: create a poll on the Crowdsignal site and embed it back to the post. In part because I like how they look as opposed to the grungy Poll Block look.

Here are a few bonus images and a poll to choose which you prefer:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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