Monochrome November 2022 Cobwebs

As mentioned in THIS post, in late November, on my way to the mailbox, I noticed a fairly extensive cobweb on the now-empty Garage flowerboxes.

Before proceeding, I need to mention the voting for the current round of the Title Challenge will close tomorrow (December 31st) at Noon (CST – Chicago time). If you want to read and vote for your favorite, you don’t have much time left, but you can find the poll HERE and links to the stories.

Anyway, I was unwinding and thought some of the photos would look good in monochrome . . . and that’s what’s presented below with minimal words. I only link a few of the 20 photos. The rest can be seen in the SmugMug Gallery or via the slideshow, both of which are linked below.

I tried various monochrome processes at random as no great planning went into the composing of this post.

One last thing . . . these are best viewed large. Click on the photos below to see a larger version in a new tab or window, and watch the slideshow for the rest . . . unless you’re reading this on a phone, in which case, it probably doesn’t matter.

Anyway, for them who be interested, the SmugMug Gallery is at this LINK.

This next link will play a slideshow of the photos:

Slideshow of the Monochrome November 2022 Cobwebs SmugMug Gallery — 20 photos.

And, as mentioned above, here’s my playlist of Of Monsters and Men songs: LINK.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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