The Twelve Days of MidJourney Christmas Styles — vote for the best one

The title refers to the secular and commercial meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which begins on the 14th of December and ends on Christmas day, and not the religious meaning, which begins on Christmas day and counts the time between the supposed birth of the out-of-wedlock/illegitimate child, and when the Magi brought him some gifts.

Even then, the title is just a play on words since I’m not describing gifts but the rendering styles for the MidJourney AI Art Generator. For the current version (V. 4) of the rendering engine, there are 32 styles that one can call out (the list is at the bottom of the post).

The prompt I give to the AI is the same in each case:

(style name) Christmas

So, for the first style, the prompt I gave the AI was: Isometric Anime Christmas.

I then asked for readers to vote for their favorite in each of the styles . . . and these are the results.

Day 1<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #1 isometric anime (The winner is Image 1.1 with 4 votes)
Style #2 analytic drawing (The winner is Image 2.1 with 3 votes)
Style #3 infographic drawing (The winner is Image 3.2 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 2<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #4 coloring book (The winner is Image 4.2 with 3 votes)
Style #5 diagrammatic drawing (The winner is Image 5.2 with 3 votes)
Style #6 diagrammatic portrait (The winner is Image 6.4 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 3<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #7 double exposure (The winner is Image 7.4 with 4* votes)
Style #8 2D illustration (The winner is Image 8.3 with 4* votes)
Style #9 isometric illustration (The winner is Image 9.4 with 5 votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 4<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #10 pixel art (The winner is Image 10.3 with 5 votes)
Style #11 futuristic style (The winner is Image 11.3 with 3 votes)
Style #12 ornamental watercolor (The winner is Image 12.1 with 4 votes)

Day 5<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #13 dark fantasy (The winner is Image 13.2 with 5 votes)
Style #14 paper cut craft (The winner is Image 14.2 with 3 votes)

Day 6<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #15 paper quilling (The winner is Image 15.2 with 3 votes)
Style #16 patchwork collage (The winner is Image 16.4 with 3 votes)

Day 7<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #17 iridescent (The winner is Image 17.4 with 3* votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

Day 8<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #18 ukiyo-e art (The winner is Image 18.4 with 6 votes)
Style #19 watercolor landscape (The winner is Image 19.4 with 5 votes)
Style #20 op art (The winner is Image 20.3 with 4 votes)

Day 9<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #21 Japanese ink (The winner is Image 21.4 with 4 votes)
Style #22 pastel drawing (The winner is Image 22.4 with 4 votes)
Style #23 dripping art (The winner is Image 23.3 with 5 votes)

Day 10<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #24 stained glass portrait (The winner is Image 24.3 with 6 votes)
Style #25 graffiti portrait (The winner is Image 25.2 with 4 votes)
Style #26 winter oil painting (The winner is Image 26.4 with 4 votes)

Day 11<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #27 anime portrait (The winner is Image 27.1 with 4 votes)
Style #28 cinematographic style (The winner is Image 28.1 with 5 votes)
Style #29 typography art (The winner is Image 29.4 with 3 votes)

Day 12<<link (The Poll is closed)
Style #30 one-line drawing (The winner is Image 30.1 with 4 votes)
Style #31 polaroid photo (The winner is Image 31.3 with 4* votes)
Style #32 tattoo art (The winner is Image 32.1 with 2 votes)
(*) — I cast the tie-breaking vote.

As a reminder, here — in order — is a slideshow of the winning images. You can pause it and scroll through it manually, or go to the gallery of winners (LINK) and peruse it at your leisure.

Slideshow: winning images for each Style

When you are done, here’s the poll where you can vote for the overall winner (not an easy task, I assume). As before, in case of a tie, I’ll cast the winning vote.

This poll will close at 11:59pm Central Standard Time (CST, UTC -6) on January 1, 2023.

I’ll post the overall winner (and runner-ups) on January 2nd.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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