Dark Fantasy Christmas by MidJourney

Just a quick post to show what the title says . . . some dark fantasy Christmas (that was the prompt I gave the AI) as interpreted by MidJourney AI Art Generator.

“Why dark Christmas?” some might ask. Well, it’s not always about the jolly, is it? In some parts of the world, the related legends are somewhat less jolly (for example, HERE).

The above is the initial MidJourney renderings given the prompt . . . and I can then upscale and remaster each one of the four . . . so, here we go . . .

First off, some kind of dark knight . . . but no bats . . .

It looks a bit like Nite Owl from the movie Watchmen . . . but it then takes a definite dark turn . . .

Perhaps a version of Krampus.

No, wait . . . maybe this is a Krampus rendering . . .

Krampus is in a really bad mood.
But then he mellows.

The third offering is not someone you might like seeing come down the chimney . . .

But this one might be even worse. That’s one evil eye, I tell you what!
. . . but remastering gets rid of whatever that was.

Last but not least . . . the Dragon of Christmas present . . .

. . . quite the underbite . . . must make it difficult to eat.
. . . a red angel, perhaps?

As usual, interesting stuff.

The Gallery for the above (for them who want to see the larger versions) is HERE.

To see the full-screen slideshow of the above, click on the following link:

Slideshow of the Dark Fantasy Christmas by MidJourney Gallery — 13 images

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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