Still Halloween, almost Thanksgiving, and well into Christmas.

Readers might wonder about the title. Well, let me mansplain.

For them who don’t often read my posts (the overwhelming majority of the Known Universe), I posted a few AI Generated graphics back at the end of last month. Appropriately enough, they were all about Halloween (HERE).

But I left out the Dream by WOMBO offerings. Not intentionally, mind you. I just hadn’t run them yet.

“So why show them now? And you still haven’t told us about the title.”

Impatient, a bit, Bob? Well, let me finish mansplaining.

You see, Halloween decorations came out in force even before Summer officially ended. But, even worse, Christmas decorations hit the stores at the same time . . . in September! And you know what? After Halloween, Christmas stuff came onto the scene balls out and in your face.

In fact, we didn’t even realize Thanksgiving was this week until Melisa’s sister mentioned it.

By the way, I saw a Halloween cartoon that gave me a laugh and, figuring we’re still closer to Halloween than Christmas, let me share it because I don’t want to wait until next year.

Anyway, back to the AI stuff . . . it turns out that Dream was pretty good at interpreting my prompts, actually coming closer and with better graphics than some of the other AI engines.

In many aspects, perhaps because of their simplicity, these are better renderings than the others. Simpler, yes, but matching the prompt pretty well.

I’d play with Dream more often if they had the option to do landscape scenes.

But, it’s worth noting the prompt. Those who read my previous posts are already familiar with the convoluted ways you have to talk to AIs and the fact that they still get things wrong.

But, take a look at this . . .

Want to know that prompt? Here it is:

paper cut craft, paper illustration, Halloween

That’s it . . . six words, and this is what you get:

Well, of course, since I’m posting this on Thanksgiving, I also tried this prompt:

paper cut craft, paper illustration, Thanksgiving

So, I don’t know about y’all (or you’uns) but color me impressed.

Here’s the thing . . . those are the low-rez versions, and you can then upscale each one — which I did — BUT . . . you then also have the option to remaster each, which I did.

What you’ll see next is each one of those four and the associated remasters (two each). Here we go with the first . . .

Typical for turkeys at Thanksgiving, it lost its head . . . Twisted off, I’d say.

And here’s the second offering . . .

Almost looks like the turkey is a chef . . .
Once again, it looks as if the head gets lost . . . tragic, really, but it’s probably for the best.

The third offering . . .

And the fourth offering . . .

But, where are my manners? Let me do what I meant to do at the beginning of this post and wish you all (even non-Thanksgivingnites) a . . .

Wait . . . that’s not . . . what language is that!?!?

Let me try again . . .

Nope! . . . third time’s a charm?

OK, it looks like MidJourney doesn’t do writing, at least not in English. Let me try a couple of different AI . . .


OK, close enough, and here’s the gallery for all these . . .

Slideshow for the Still Halloween, almost Thanksgiving, well into Christmas Gallery (30 images)

And, yes, I ran some Christmas stuff, but unlike stores and my neighbors, I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving to share those . . . well, OK, maybe a little peak.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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