Steampunk Cameras

It’s weird!

What’s weird?”

I don’t even read steampunk fiction, and yet many of the AI Art concepts I try get the ‘steampunk’ tag added to them. I think in part it’s because the AI comes up with interesting contraptions made of interesting metal stuff. Then, given a rendering, you can ask for a remastering of the rendering.

So, for instance, take the above . . . here is the prompt I used:

steampunk camera highly detailed intricate cinematic scene, photorealistic high-contrast 8k UHD

I get the above, and then I can do upscale the individual images and remaster them . . .


But how do steampunk cameras work?

Well, we know we can get schematics for regular cameras . . . strange cameras, but kind of recognizable as such.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask MidJourney for schematics of steampunk cameras? Well you could ask it this:

diagrammatic drawing of a steampunk camera

. . . and get it . . .

. . . this must be the V-8 model . . .

Of course, those don’t look like the ones at the beginning of the post, so I tried again . . .

It’s no use . . . as interesting as those are, I can’t seem to match them up to the versions at the beginning of the post.

. . . they look neat, though. Besides, even if I could build one, I’m not ready to move away from digital.

Here’s the link to the slideshow of the above (or you can go to the SmugMug Gallery directly — HERE):

Slideshow of the Steampunk Cameras SmugMug Gallery — 24 images

And yes, I play with AI tools. These images span approximately three weeks. Meaning, when I want to mindlessly occupy myself with something different, I run off a few concepts and see where they lead.

I have lots of AI stuff I could share, but readers would likely get bored, so I’ll keep these to only occasional updates. I hope this was an interesting one.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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