Halloween AI Art 2022 — NightCafé Files

Yesterday, I shared the DALL-E Halloween renderings; today is NightCafé’s turn. Here’s the base prompt for these renderings.

long path leading to a dark mansion from a graveyard, dead trees, owls, bats, quarter moon crescent, cloudy night with distant lightning

As usual, elements are missing from the renderings, but they’re still interesting to peruse. As before, I won’t be posting all 35 images, but you can see them all in this SmugMug Gallery. And, of course, you can also see all the renderings by clicking on the link for the slideshow at the end of this post.

What’s interesting with these initial renderings is that not only are many elements missing, but s number of them generated two paths.

One path, has lightning, but other stuff missing.

Apparently, “quarter moon” is also beyond the AI’s comprehension as all the images have full moons.

This one added flowers . . . two paths to one end; how’s that for a title?

So, I modified the prompt.

Dark mansion atop scrag, graveyard in foreground, one dead tree with owls, bats against quarter moon crescent, cloudy night

I should note that although I’m showing these in the second post, these were the first renderings I tried. So, with these, I got something closer, but still missing stuff I wanted.

I had cyclops owls in DALL-E as well, so there must be something about one-eyed owls that AIs like.

I like the thoughtful inclusion of a skull in this next rendering . . .

I should mention that none of these images are as generated by the AI.

I processed them in Luminar AI after running either Topaz DeNoise AI or Topaz Sharpen AI, and then did minor tweaks in Lightroom. Nothing detailed; all the adjustments were global.

The different looks of the various renderings has to do with me specifying various artist in my qualifiers. For the above and the next, it was Caspar David Friedrich.

Of course, I punched it up a bit.

More cyclops owls . . . I’d like to one day see one . . .

I like the inclusion of the tiny ghost in this next rendering . . . at least, I think that’s what it is.

We got a few quarter moons after all . . . but even when we had a quarter moon, it was in conjunction with at least one other moon, and sometimes more. This last image offers a Pink Moon, coincidentally, the title of a song I like.

As I said before, these AI appear to be messing with us.

Anyway, here’s the slideshow of all the renderings:

Slideshow of NightCafe Halloween Files Gallery — 35 images

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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