Halloween AI Art 2022 — DALL-E Files

So, Halloween is coming up, and I usually offer up either a photo or a graphic (Previous Years — not a perfect list, but close enough). Typically, but not always, I try new stuff, so playing with the AI Generators makes a lot of sense. Or maybe, some sense . . . or, it’s just a whim of mine.

Anyway, this is the prompt I gave it:

A graveyard at night with a castle in the background, a dead tree to the side with one perched owl, bats flying against the full moon, witches flying on broomsticks.

I pulled a number of these and ran variations . . . for a total of 52 images. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting all the images here, but you can see them in the SmugMug Gallery. Also, there’s a link to a slideshow of all the images at the end of the post.

But, I’ll post a few to give a feel for what the AI can do . . .

Once again, the AI’s interpretation rarely matches the entirety of my prompt. Most images have certain elements that are spot on, and other stuff that’s — frankly —poorly executed.

But, the images are imaginative and often flirt with wowness.

I mean, come on! . . . a cyclopic owl; how cool is that!?

Aside from the basic part of the prompt that describes a scene, I also ask for version with different artists, hence why the looks change from offering to offering.

Sometimes you can tell which renderings are derived from previous renderings. Often, you can’t.

Still, what surprises me is how striking some of these are. I would have liked them more realistic, but they’re still eye-catching.

Some are more intricate than others . . .

Some are simple but visually engrossing . . .

Of course, there are always elements missing or badly distorted, but still . . .

Sometimes, the renderings wander into strange directions . . .

. . . almost a Tim Burton look to those.

So, then, I wanted to see monochrome renderings . . .

Anyway, these are some of the samples . . . the entire collection can be seen by going to the SmugMug Gallery or clicking the link for the slideshow:

Slideshow of the DALL-E Halloween Files Gallery — 52 images.

As usual, you can click on the individual photos for a larger view/version, but the full-size images are in SmugMug.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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