Vintage Binoculars, Compass, and Map . . . and a reminder

Let’s get the reminder out of the way first . . . We’re not getting many votes for Round 8 of the Title Challenge. In part, that’s due to the Twins not yet broadcasting the stories to their peeps. But, despite a decent number of views, not many votes from casual readers.

I don’t want to pressure anyone, but if you bother to read the stories, please vote or leave a comment. Yes, I know the world is going to crap, but that’s why a bit of time with some fiction might be good.

I won’t ask again for this round, and if you are interested in reading the stories and voting for the one you liked best (or hated the least), the post with the links to the stories and with the poll for voting is HERE.

Right! . . . as some might have surmised, the “vintage binoculars, compass, and map” is a prompt I threw at the AI Art Generators to see what they would do with it. As it turns out, I have all three of those items, so I’ll provide an actual photograph of what I had in mind at some point.

MidJourney rendering of the prompt

I only have one offering from MidJourney because it struggled with this prompt As in the above image, it usually got one of the three items, and even then, it often was an abstract representation. This despite me specifying realistic, detailed, photographic, etc.

NightCafe did a bit better, although it too often only gave me two of the three items I was interested in . . .

This next rendering is pretty good. I’d love to have something like this to hold and look at.

In one instance, it gave something completely different . . . but I liked it, so I kept it.

I’ve no idea what the AI was thinking about, but it certainly looks as if, at one time, it was a piece of sophisticated technology, indeed.

The problem with most of these is related to that earlier one . . . they look nice, amazing, even, but they have no relevance in the real world. I suppose the above could be a working pair of binoculars, but how would you focus them?

These next have the general shape, but just how close do your eyes have to be to see through the eyepieces?

Next, a bit closer to reality, but where’s the focusing mechanism? And what’s that extra bit on the left lens?

That’s the problem with many of these renderings; no matter how descriptive one tries to be, no matter how detailed the instructions, something is almost always off . . .

And then, there’s DELL-E . . . that AI seems to be more consistently on the mark as far as adhering to the prompt . . . although when it’s off, it’s really off, in this case, it wasn’t.

All the elements are there, especially the binoculars, which look very much like my grandfather’s binoculars. Of course, the compass is a little on the vague side.

But this next version is even closer . . .

This next one is also pretty good. I give the effort high marks for interpreting the prompt close to what I envisioned.

The texture of the leather covering the middle portion of the binoculars is a bit rougher than I’d hoped, but all the other elements are pretty good for a drawing.

And this last one, I think, nails it about as close as I could have hoped short of having an actual photo of the setting.

Let’s remember that all I’m doing is giving the AI a prompt using words. Here’s the prompt for the last four:

early 19th-century binoculars and a compass on top of a 17th-century world map, arcane, intricate detail, copper and leather, Paul Cadden, photorealistic UHD megapixel hyperdetailed

I can’t read the AI’s “mind”, and it can’t read mine, so we rely on words, and, like all communications, we hope for a mutual understanding of both the individual words and the overarching meaning once arranged in a prompt.

Anyway, HERE is the link to the Gallery, and here’s the link to the slideshow of the above images.

Slideshow of the Vintage binoculars, compass, and map gallery — 16 images

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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