Better late than never?

With three days to spare before the voting deadline, I wrote a story for the current round of the Title Challenge. Obviously, if you’ve already voted, you don’t have to read it . . . unless you want to. And, don’t worry about reading it or voting if you’re pressed for time or busy with life.

Truthfully, I wasn’t going to write anything because I had three stories in the works, and none clicked. Plus, with being on a road trip earlier this week, I was pressed for time. BUT . . . I had an inspiration this morning and banged one out.

Some AI Art creations I’m working on

I ended up revisiting a world I’d previously created for the “P” story offering of the Alphabet Challenge, Permeability Police (LINK). If you’ve not read that story, it might be worthwhile, but let me give you a short primer in case you can’t be bothered:

The barrier between the “real” and “fantasy” worlds turned permeable, and the two worlds began to see intrusions, with fantasy creatures— some magical, some not — wandering into our reality, and regular people popping over to the fantasy worlds for a look-see. The CRAFT Treaty (Crossover Rules and Fit Together Treaty) established acceptable rules of conduct as well as an agency to review and approve all crossovers. During one crossover, some unknown sorcerer made dogs sentient. Nick, a member of the Permeability Police, has the uncommon ability to nullify magic in his vicinity. The story deals with the case of stolen magic staves.

Again, that’s not the story for this round, but I’m using the setting of that story for my current offering, which can be found HERE (LINK).

The blurb for the current story:
Nick must solve the case of the disappearance and possible kidnapping of both his partner, Dana, and the daughter of Anubis (yes, the Egyptian god). Along the way, he joins up with Chip, the wolf, and a Griffin named DuskHunter.

Some AI Art creations I’m working on

If the inspiration strikes for the other stories that I’ve started (now that I’m not constrained by a title), I might post them. Then again, I have a fair number of chores I have to do, so it may be a while.

Some AI Art creations I’m working on

It’s strange because I actually have the itch to write, and the problem is I have a few old projects I’d like to finish, and some new ideas I’d like to develop. But, I’m way behind in my photos (going to start soon on photos from January 2019).

Not to mention, AI art is still intriguing me . . .

. . . and there are a lot of snacks calling my name.

Who knew retirement would be so busy! Anyway, if you’ve not yet read any of the stories and if you would like to do so and vote, the post with links to all the stories — and with the poll — is HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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