MidJourney’s Steampunk Crystal Balls

In my previous post about Crystal Balls (HERE), I mentioned that MidJourney’s offerings merited their own post. In part, that’s because there are many images, and it would have made that post way too long. But also, in my opinion, they merit their own showcase, unencumbered by other renderings.

A bit of a background about the way MidJourney AI generator works; you give it a prompt, and it generates four images. Those images are of low resolution, and just give you an idea of what it interpreted from your prompt. Here are some examples of them.

“Wait! . . . them don’t look low-res!”

No, Bob, they don’t . . . because I run them through GigaPixel and Luminar AI. Anyway, when presented with the concepts, you have the choice to upscale one or all four as individual files. Also, to generate four variants from any one or all four, and then upscale any one or all of the variants.

It sounds confusing, but there’s more . . . after upscaling any of the images, you can upscale again (MAX Upscale), and then ask for variants on those, and so on, and on. Plus, once upscaled to the max, you can choose to Remaster them, which gives you a new version and you can start the process all over.

I mention the process because I used to show the evolution of an image from initial concept to final offering, but now the path has various branches, and to show all the steps would be is prohibitively complicated and serves no purpose other than confuse both me and you.

The SmugMug Gallery that I’m pulling these images from has four concepts (shown above) and 35 images of completed renderings. But, the number of interim images is much larger. So large, that I no longer save them (unless offering something striking).

For this post, I’m only showing a sampling of the images because the best way to see them is either at the SmugMug Gallery, or with the slideshow below.

Because some images are derived from other images, they share broad similarities, but are nonetheless unique in the details.

I might guess that not many readers might be interested in looking at these images (no human drama, no conflic, no politics, no religion, no broccoli), but for them who, like me, find these fascinating to look at, well, the SmugMug Gallery is HERE.

The samples above are neither the best or worse of the renderings. I say that because I find it difficult to pick favorites. Perhaps readers will have better luck.

As usual, you can click on any of the above and a larger version will open up in a new window or tab. The slideshow below will show as large a version as your monitor allows, so I suggest running it full-screen. Remember that you can pause it and then scross through the images by hand.

Slideshow of MidJourney Steampunk Crystal Balls 39 images

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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