Steampunk Spaceships

This post has been scheduled ahead of time since my internet presence will be sporadic over the next ten days or so . . . and, yes, more AI Art Generators creations . . . of spaceships! Maybe even one we might recognize.

Here are some of the terms I used in these prompts, although the prompts were not exactly the same for the different AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream, MidJourney, and NightCafe):

Steampunk, spaceship, in space, in city, 3d shading, hyperrealistic, 4K uhd, hyperdetailed, photorealism, copper, crystal.

So, let’s begin with DALL-E. I asked for spaceships in space, because, apparently, if you don’t specify space, there’s nothing to indicate these ships are in space. Heck, even when you ask, you can’t always determine we’re in space . . . we might be underwater, for all I know.

As near as I can tell, this is an early Borg design, before they figured out cubes — green cubes — are all the rage. The DALL-E generator has a definite look to its creations . . . but then, so do the other AI Generators. Anyway, to continue . . .

This particular design prompted me to substitute ‘crystal’ for ‘copper’ when I ran the prompt in other AI generators.

This next design reminded me a lot of a familiar spaceship . . . so much so that I included it as a seed image in some of the other generators.

I immediately thought of Serenity . . . but that’s just me.

It’s interesting that DELL-E tends to generate renderings that — typically — are very different from each other. The other generators — them that offer multiple initial renderings — tend to generate offerings that don’t vary too much from each other . . . or, maybe I’m dreaming it and will be proven wrong in future instances.

Anyway, here’s the last of the four it threw up in response to my prompt.

Going back to the Serenity-like offering, I asked for variations on it, wondering if it would get closer or farther from the actual ship.

Curiously, it offered up coarser variations of the original. Go figure!

Definitely a Reaver ship!
And another!!

After those, I moved on to Dream by WOMBO . . . and these were the first two renderings I got. Note that for the second version, I specified crystal instead of copper, and it didn’t make much difference.

. . and, again, these reminded me of Serenity. So, I used this photo as a seed for my next set of renderings . . .

. . . and this is what I got . . .

After those, I moved on to MidJourney, but like with the crystal ball stuff, those will merit their own post, so onward to NightCafe, where I also used a photo of Serenity as seed . . . this photo:

I ran two sets of four renderings. This is the first set of four:

And here they are individually . . .

None really come close, but of the above, I like the second and the fourth . . . but, what about the other set of four?

Interesting, but as is often the case, the second rendering is usually a departure from what is intended. I suspect that’s because the AI figures if it’s being asked for another set, the first set wasn’t right, and it gives something different. Otherwise, I would be asking for variations on the original offerings.

Anyway, here are those four . . .

Of those, I think the third is closer to spaceship status, but I suppose it’s a matter of preference.

As mentioned, the MidJourney renderings will be shown on their own post.

For now, and for them who prefer a slideshow instead of going to SmugMug, here you go . . . I suggest running it full-screen.

Slideshow of Steampunk Spaceships in Space (25 images)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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