Steampunk Mechanical T-Rex

This post has been scheduled ahead of time since my internet presence will be sporadic over the next ten days or so . . . and, yes, more AI Art Generators creations . . . dinosaur creations, no less!

Here are some of the terms I used in these prompts, although the prompts were not exactly the same for the different AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream, MidJourney, and NightCafe):

Steampunk, Mechanical, T-Rex, in city, 3d shading, hyperrealistic, 4K uhd, hyperdetailed, photorealism, copper, Michelangelo.

So, let’s begin with DALL-E. I asked for a Michelangelo rendering of a mechanical T-Rex . . . obviously, Michelangelo put very little effort toward making these striking . . .

I think I might be able to conjure up something like that just by doodling. The next one is a little better . . .

There’s at least a bit more detail, but these still seem as if they were little more than something someone might scribble on a napkin while waiting for their Loco Moco.

. . . although this last one shows the beginning of a serious effort . . .

But, really, I wanted something more steampunk . . . so I fired Michelangelo, and went with some unknown AI artist . . .

OK, this is more like what I had in mind . . . except that, often, these AI Generators like to clip the renderings. It’s as if they can’t be bothered to switch to a wide-angle lens and are shooting with a zoom lens, making it difficult to fit the subjects in the frame.

. . or, they’re just messing with me.

I tired of those, and moved on to Dream by WOMBO . . .

As mentioned before, there are a fair number of styles one can choose. For these next renderings, I tried ink line drawings.

But, I wanted a steampunk Mechanical T-Rex rampaging through a city . . .

Hmm . . . it’s one of them chameleon T-Rex I’ve never previously heard about . . . Let me try again.

Pretty good . . . the copper has a patina, but that’s OK.
Not bad . . . but it must have eaten the city.
OK, I found this impressive and sufficiently representative of something bad happening in the city.
So, specifying steampunk and choosing steampunk as a style gives you a mess . . . interesting, though.
Going back to ink line drawing gives something acceptable.

I’ll have to see (in the distant future) how to specify full-body representations of whatever subject I choose. I mean, some of these are quite good, but it would be nice to see the entire animal . . .

. . . like these offerings from MidJournal. I hired Michelangelo again and paid him a bit more so that he would put some effort into the renderings.

I found the first one interesting, so that’s the one I upscaled and evolved, although now that I look at them, the third one is also interesting.

Old Mike got the legs wrong, but then, I’m not sure he’d ever seen one. I’d have to check when dinosaurs were first discovered and studied. I think they found big bones here and there, but they attributed them to giants, I think. I believe it wasn’t until the 1800s that proper study and research began. That’s from memory . . . Nah! I looked it up.

Lastly, I turned to NighCafe. Ever since they added their Stable Diffusion algorithm, I’ve been impressed with their renderings. They went from being one of my least used platforms to competing with MidJournal for most anticipated renderings.

They did not disappoint . . . here are those concepts on their own. By the way, almost all of the renderings start out life as small and fuzzy . . . but, rather than upgrade them on the sites, I download them and run them through Topaz GigaPixel to scale them anywhere from 2X to 6X depending on the size of the original.

For comparison, here’s the original of the above as downloaded from the site . . .

That’s 832 x 448 pixels . . . in contrast, the one above it is 4992 x 2698. Of course, if you click on it, you’ll get a smaller version (1600 x 862 pixels), but the original can be viewed in the SmugMug Gallery HERE. Meanwhile, here are the other three . . .

A novel concept, that last one . . . I suppose if you’re going to make a mechanical T-Rex, might as well make a two-headed version.

I liked those enough to spend some credits for another set of four . . . .

Rather than two big legs and two tiny arms, why not three big legs?
This is large enough to merit an extra leg . . .
OK, I’m not sure how it would move, but I’d make sure to get out of its way.
Hmm . . . detachable arms; they don’t seem practical.

For them who prefer a slideshow instead of going to SmugMug, I suggest running it full-screen.

Slideshow of Steampunk Mechanical T-Rex (30 images)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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