Steampunk Computers

Yes, more AI-Generated art. For the few who might not know what is meant by Steampunk . . . well, you can click on THIS LINK. Basically, imagine no electricity and everything powered by steam. So, for instance, you could still have computers (HERE) but not run by electricity.

I ran a number of prompts on all four AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream by WOMBO, MidJourney, and NightCafe). Understand, there may be more AI Art Generators, but these are the ones I’m currently playing with.

The prompts ran from simple to more complex, and some incorporated other stuff besides ‘Steampunk Computers’ such as: drawn by Michelangelo, in the desert, made of copper, and some I currently don’t remember.

For instance, this was Dream’s concept of a steampunk computer as drawn by Michelangelo.

Dream By WOMBO

As we’ll see later, quite a different interpretation from MidJourney.

The next prompt added the requirement of a desolate place (or desert) . . .

I also added the style of line art, hence the monochrome image. Other than what looks like a keyboard for the grill, I don’t see many computer components here. The next style is ‘realistic’ . . .

This looks to me more like an old-time radio or speaker . . . but it is in the desert. With that, I left Dream AI and moved over to DELL-E.

Other than maybe the last one, again, not very strong hints at these being computers. For that matter, not much of an indication of steampunk, either.

Now, since we last visited NightCafe, they added a new rendering engine, and this one did pretty well with the prompt, although I would have liked to see the concept of a computer better represented. On the other hand, I don’t know what a steampunk computer would look like, so I’m limited in my criticism of the renderings.

Here is the initial grid from NightCafe.

And here they are by their lonesome . . . the first having the best representation of a computer.

OK, this is also not too bad . . . reminds me of computers from the 80s.
OK, now we’re talking sewing machine.
OK, OK . . . I have to give this one some props as well.

Here’s the next grid from NightCafe.

You know what? These are better than I remember when I ran them. Perhaps I was expecting too much, and I’ve since mellowed.

Well, except for maybe this one.

Remember the Michelangelo drawings prompts from the first post? I thought those were pretty good, so I gave MidJourney this prompt: Michelangelo drawing of steampunk computer.

OK, I get it . . . there’s no computer there. I mean, maybe if I stretch my imagination . . .

. . . Nope!

But, dang! They sure look cool, am I right!? Certainly cool enough to upscale . . .

Is that a keyboard I see . . . ah, no; just something in my eye.
I suppose that could be a monitor . . . Monitor lizard, maybe.
Wait! . . . is that . . . it might . . . no; darn, I thought I could see Google Earth!
Well, it certainly looks complicated enough to be a computer.

Here’s the thing . . . in addition to upscaling, MidJourney now has the option to remaster, and when I remastered the above, I lost some of the Michelangelo looks, but gained something else . . .

I mean, not with this one since it still looks nothing like a computer.
But, hey, that certainly looks like some sort of input terminal, and look at all them gears!
OK, that’s one of the earliest IBM laptops, I’m sure of it.
And I’m sure that could run Windows 3.1!

Well, after those, I had to try another set . . .

. . . and, again, I thought these merited upscaling to the max . . .

Holy crap on a cracker! Isn’t that the first Apple prototype?
This looks more like something from Texas Instruments.
Ah, the infamous HP’s reverse Polish Logic calculator prototype.
Sorry . . . that’s actually a Mr. Coffee early coffee machine prototype.

And, again, when these are remastered, we get some pretty good results.

Not much steampunk, but lots of WW II clandestine radio station.
OK, so, this obviously belongs to The Phantom . . . of the Opera.

As mentioned, neither I nor anyone else knows what a steampunk computer looks like, so I don’t expect Michelangelo to come close when asked to draw one . . . or, maybe he did! He was, after all, a genius.

. . . then again, maybe I should have tried Da Vinci . . .

You can click on the above images for larger versions, but the full-scale images are at THIS SmugMug Gallery, and this is the slideshow of the full-size images:

Slideshow of Steampunk Computers Gallery (35 images).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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